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Turkish Airline:

Turkish Airline was first created in 1933, it is the national airline of Turkey headquartered in Ataturk airport in Istanbul, which is the largest Airline in the world according to the number of passengers it takes. Turkish Airline flight booking process is being done and it travels to 304 destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. Turkish Airline is the one and only from the view of non-stop flights from a single airport to the different destinations in the world.  It is also the only airline that flew to 122 countries rather than any other airline. Basically, it is the best airline not only of Turkey but in the world. Turkish airline is the member of Star Alliance from almost 11 years.

Turkish Airline luxury classes:

Without any doubt, Turkish Airline is best as compared to any other airline and it also won the Award for the best Airline in Europe. Turkish Airline economy deals have so much to offer to its passengers as there are three cabins in the Aircraft. These three cabins are business class, comfort class also known as premium economy, and the economy class. Like we mentioned before, Turkish Airline is one of the best airlines in the world as in their economy class passengers are served with the drinks and food before landing and after departure. Amenities kit also provided in which socks, eye covers, ear plugs, and a toothbrush is in it. Economy class of Turkish Airline is much better than other airlines in term of services and comfortable seats. The comfort class is the premium economy class in which all the facilities provided are amenities kit with much more items like socks, shoes, earplugs, eye covers, comb, and toothpaste in good qualities. Seats are so comfortable and wider that these are easily compared to the first class cabin of the other U.S airlines. The business class of the Turkish Airline is so luxury that they have the high reclining seats much wider and more pitch that could be converted into a fully flat bed that is so comfortable. Extra set of blanket and pillows are provided with a full entertainment system for the passengers. Meals are served in courses and the food is also delicious in taste and excellent in quality. All the passengers of the Turkish Airline are allowed to check up the baggage in economy class of domestic flights 20 kg and business class 32 kg respectively and it should not exceed its limit.

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