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African Culture and traditions:

The culture of Africa is the most diverse in its nature all over the continent. Their diversity of these cultures in different countries of the world could be easily seen in their music, art, literature and especially in their weddings. In these past hundreds of years, people from all across the world have come to Africa with their own religion beliefs and cultures but the native tribes of Africa kept alive the soul of their cultures and tradition. The art of African culture shows the beliefs, values, and norms depending on the characteristics of the specific group which shows the beauty of their love, compassion and loyalty in their specialty rock paintings, mask sculptures, dresses and pottery. The cultural clothing varies from country to country or based on the religion but the common thing in the cultural dresses of African people is the sharp pleasant colors with minimum jewelry. The cultural food depends on the part of the continent are you eating in but the one dish that is same in all over the cuisine of continent is Pap made with Maize and corn; Also dishes like Ugali, Nsima, Chima, Bugali and many more based on which part of the continent are you in.

Continent Africa’s countries:

As we all know that Africa is the second largest continent of the world with respect to population and Area. Africa consists of 54 countries and aside from these, there are two non-governed states; the Sahara Desert and Somaliland. According to the population, the largest city in Africa is Nigeria, and according to population, Algeria is the most densely populated of them all. According to the tourist point of view, the largest and beautiful cities of Africa are Cairo, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Nairobi, Accra, Lagos, Casablanca, and Algeria. These countries of Africa are so rich in culture, nature, mineral and natural resources. According to the geographical background, Africa is surrounded by red sea and the Mediterranean Sea which separates Africa and Europe. There are also found approximately 2 million years old fossils of humans’ inhabitant which shows there was sign of humans’ life several years ago. Islam came into Africa in the 7th century, while Romans and Greeks were the first nation of Europe who explores Africa.

Facilities of Education:

From so many years in many African states, there was a huge problem of education. People are struggling in their lives about getting better and effective education system. Even though now the Aspects of education are now being improved in Africa, besides some obstacles many children are getting knowledge which is their social right. As discussing the facts about the education in Africa it is commonly known as that the High rate of education exclusion in the world. Almost 80% of the children at the age of 12 to 14 are unable to attend schools or somehow have a reason to not attend schools in sub-Saharan Africa. But on the other hand, the literacy rate in other countries like Zimbabwe has the literacy rate of 92%, and in South Africa, the constitution guarantees equal right of education to both genders.

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