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Australia is the smallest continent according to land area, and 2nd smallest according to population. As it is the smallest continent according to land but the worlds sixth largest country is also situated in Australia. There are three extremely wonderful countries in Australia, named as Australia, New Zealand, and Papa New Guinea and 7 territories Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania; these are also included Australia and Papa New Guinea.  These countries are surrounded by water from all sides by which means it is considered as the Island.  This small continent was firstly discovered in 1770 by James Cook. Firstly Great Britain sent criminals and prisoners to this continent but after that, Europeans killed thousands of them and sold the land. The Native Australians are called Aborigines who lived almost 40,000 years in Australia, but now there are only 1% of them left who represents them and the total population of Australia is 22 million. The biggest city of the continent is Sydney and there are so many amazing places for its tourist to see and explore the world of Australia. The biggest attraction in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House.  In this continent, the biggest Attraction for the tourist is its heritage and historical places like Uluru is the most mesmerizing piece of beautiful history which is the sacred of Aborigines and the world’s largest monolith.  Tourists from all across the world are curious and love this place because of its tremendous colors. People of Australia are so energetic and active they love to do sports games and energetic activities like scuba-diving, Surfing, and swimming in across its wonderful beaches.

It is always a pleasure for Flying Hawk to arrange an opportunity for our customers to provide them traveling services to all across the world and to see what beauty is beneath in every continent of the world. Therefore; Flying Hawk is providing the UK to Australia cheap flights so that the customers could enjoy their tour and see the beauty of Australia as a free soul.

Australia from a Tourist point of view:

Australia is the wonderful continent for the Tourist of all over the world. There are so many biggest adventures and wonderful places all over the continent which attracts the tourists to see it’s never ending charm of tremendous sites. The most famous of them all is the following cities and places like Sydney, Kosciuszko National park the highest point in Australia with the wonderful view of the landscape, Lake Eyre is another amazing view or attracted place for tourists it is the lowest point in Australia. Flying Hawk knows the worth of some place and also the value of their customers that’s why they ensure to provide flight to Australia by flying Hawk in cheap rates so that their customers would feel energetic and loved by visiting these places. There are some other amazing places like Bondi beach is an amazing family place to visit to spend your day at a peaceful beach which comes with the complete picnic package for its tourists and visitors. The amazing city of Cairns is an amazing option for the people who love to be at a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities and can enjoy a completely relaxing day here; the area surrounded by the rainforest and the beautiful plain water of beach gives a soothing effect. The next place to visit with the quite a great atmosphere with the lined bars along the streets with the soulful music of the evening is such a dreamy place for the tourists. A lot of greenery and parks are also the source of attraction for the people and visitors of the city of churches. Those people who want to visit and experience such a great time in their life then they could avail a great opportunity from the Flying Hawk to get the cheap flights to Australia to make their journey completely remarkable. Australia and its surrounding is the great place for the people around the world to see the true beauty of this continent. Likewise; Tasmania is somehow considered as the separate island from the continent by it is also a part of the continent as the best place to visit overall. The piece of land is a total gift from nature as it is surrounded with the rich natural resources and the white beach sand of the pure waterfalls, forests with most of the Australian native animals which are also rare and only found in that part of the earth. It is like a heaven on earth, as you could enjoy a boat ride in the sea and could see penguins, dolphins, and a seal along the ride and it is a total reward for the tourists and visitors.

You could get a chance to see and explore this beautiful continent of the world and with the help of Flying Hawk you could book flights to Australia and enjoy every bit of your journey to its fullest and its guaranteed that you would love your trip throughout and you wish to travel again and again with Flying Hawk only.

Welcome to Flying Hawk; we are providing you the platform from where you can get cheap flights at your desired rates and affordable for your budget, to explore the beauty of the world.

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