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Make your trip to Europe:

Europe is the 2nd smallest continent in the world before Australia. Europe covers almost 2% of the world’s area. There are 50 countries in continent Europe, the world’s smallest city the Vatican is also a part of this continent. The most visited countries of Europe are France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany. There are 5 countries which are transcontinental between Asia and Europe that shares the land or border of both continents, these are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. You can get a flight to Europe by Flying Hawk in cheap rates so that you could get a chance to see Russia the biggest country of Europe, and also to the largest and beautiful city of purity Istanbul. There are more than 445 languages are speaks in Europe nut 10 are the most common and mostly spoke languages of the continents. These are English, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Dutch.

It is the most interesting fact that it is said that the word Europe is derived from the Greek word, in Greek mythology Europa is the name of a Princess, after 6 BC the name is called for the geographic purpose by a Greek geographer. Then in 17 century it is the properly known as Europe the continent.

Home of the western civilization and tourism:

Europe is the home of the Western civilization; it is the Greek people who introduced Western civilization to the World and also gave world the gift of democracy, science, philosophy, drama, medicine, verse, and history as these are the key elements in the progress of today’s world.

Tourism is the best source of Attraction for any country, whether there is a complete continent which is famous for its tourist point of view. Most of the European countries are famous in the world for their amazing sight scenes for the tourist along with the rich culture and history of Europe make it a great destination for the Art, food and history lovers. Although whole Europe is the most beautiful continent and famous for Tourists all around the World, there are some of the cities which are the main reason for the curiosity of the tourists. These destinations are Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona; there are the top cities for tourist and with the guide of Flying Hawk you could get a cheap flight to Europe and to all these amazingly beautiful places.

Breathe taking the beauty of Europe:

If we talked about the natural beauty of Europe then there is a lot of stuff to talk about from the high peaky mountain beauty of Switzerland to the beaches relaxing holidays in Albania, from the dramatic history of Armenia to the love filled the air of the Paris. There are so much more places in Europe which called the people from across the world to see what a beautiful continent it is. If you are planning to visit this amazing part of the world then you could always have the UK to Europe cheap flights from Flying Hawk who is enthusiastic to give affordable flight rates which help their customers to see the beauty of the world.

Culture and education of Europe:

Culture of Europe is somehow linked with the definition of Modern western world. Basically, the culture is passed on by the Greek and Romans who are the founding members of this great continent. Apart from other civilization of the other continents European cultures based on Art, music, philosophy, science, literature, and drama history.  The literacy rate along with the high culture is also high there is approximately 98 to 99 % of literacy rate in all the big countries of Europe like Germany, France, UK, Italy, and many others all over Europe. Europe is so high and rich in culture that introduced so many different cultural things to the world like the dance and music of different type is originated from the countries of Europe, like ballet is the traditional Russian dance form which is famous in the world because of its decency, music and bands that they introduced to the world like hip-hop and other forms.

To be defined the pure culture it is said that the St. Nicholas day is celebrated in different regions of the Europe on 6 of December. The biggest tradition of Christmas and ester is celebrating in All over the Europe and also in other part of the world as it is the religious tradition of Christians; to be followed.

Flying Hawk is the best platform for those people who want to experience the amazing and rich culture of European countries and also want to travel there in low airfares of the flights. So Flying Hawk is the biggest name in London who provides the best travel servicing facilities to its customers to book cheap flight to Europe and sees the beauty of this amazingly beautiful continent in your affordable prices.

Welcome to Flying Hawk; we are providing you the platform from where you can get cheap flights at your desired rates and affordable for your budget, to explore the beauty of the world.

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