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North America:

According to population North America is the 4th largest continent and third largest according to the size of the continent. There are 550 million people lived in 23 different countries of this continent, with the largest country is Canada, which covers much of the space of the continent and slightly bigger than USA. Mexico City is the largest city on the Continent with the almost high level of the population near about 9 million. The smallest but the beautiful city in this amazing continent is Grenada with almost of population of 10 thousand. North America has also some beauty of Islands which enhance the beauty of the continent; likewise the beautiful and biggest island in Greenland, which is also considered as the largest island in the world. As the Rivers create more charm of this continent the longest river of this part of the earth is known as Missouri River which crosses the 7 states of USA known as Missouri, Kansas, Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Iowa, and Nebraska. As a matter of fact, the world’s third most peaky mountain Denali has also situated in North America’s country Alaska a state in the USA. It is formerly known as McKinley.  The world’s third largest lake is also here in North America which is shared by both biggest countries Canada and the USA, named as Lake Superior which is the eye-catching the beauty in its own nature. North America is also the home for the driest and hottest land on earth as the Death Valley is known as the world’s hottest place in this continent. There is no such place as landlocked in North America in any region.

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Culture and history of North America:

According to the history of North America people are first settled in the place between Siberian and Alaska at the place somehow across the Bering Sea. Firstly the sign of people’s was found on Greenland around 980 years back. People used to live there in the form of tribes and groups and also in the form of empires all across the continent.  When Columbus discovered America in 1942 some group of European people are also coming to explore the land of the continent after some time. There are 2% of native people of America who lived in the US are generally known as Cherokee, Navajo, and Iroquois.

There are approximately many languages that are being spoken by the people around the continent by the most commonly spoken language is English and Spanish and French is a second number at being spoken by the people of America. According to the beliefs and religion the biggest practicing religion in North America is Christianity and secondly Islam, and then other Jews and other relative ones.

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Tourism in North America:

There are so many tourists’ attraction site and cities in North America which plays a huge role in gaining more and more tourist towards their continent. These big cities and states are known well for their beauty and attraction. New York is known as the world’s best and biggest city well known for its shopping Malls and antique and interesting museums. A huge number of tourists headed toward this amazing and wonderful city for a quality experience. The second most famous city in North America among tourist is California which is famous for its beaches for surfing and exited adventures. The other amazingly wonderful city is Las Vegas which is a heaven for the Casino lovers and a complete package for families to entertain them with different entertainment shows. Flying Hawk provides its customers and a chance to book a cheap flight to North America and enjoy every bit of their tour to its fullest. The Disney World in Florida is the best option for the customers and also for kids. Disney world is not only the favorite of kids but also for the people of all ages where they could enjoy or recreate their childhood with their favorite Disney character. For those who are a die-hard fan of skiing and winter sports then hilly rocks of USA and Canada is the best option for them to avail as soon as possible. Hawaii for the wonderful beaches and for nature’s peaceful experience is Grand Canyon is the best option for them.

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