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Refund Policy

Plans could change or cancel any time due to some reasons and mishaps. Flying Hawk gives the complete freedom to its customers to cancel or to refund their tickets and to travel to their favorite destinations in their desired Airline. Before the beginning of your journey, you could inform us 24 hrs. prior so that we could cancel or refund your bookings online. We can refund your tickets as per the nature of your tickets purchased. There are some rules of the refund policy;

• If you buy the refundable and amendable tickets from Flying Hawk, then your tickets would be refunded or amended at our first priority. Once we apply any refund of any ticket (refundable tickets only), in case of cancellation of an issued ticket, we charge £25 as our admin charges plus the cancellation charges put to us through by the airline. And the remaining amount of the ticket will be given to the customer in their bank account.

• Your tickets would be refunded within 2-3 days, Flying Hawk ensures that we dealt with your request of refund as soon as possible.

• In case of delaying or cancelation of flight, your refund is without any charges.

• All your refund money would be transferred to your mentioned account number that you used to pay for your tickets.

• Refund of tickets would be held in the same currency in which you paid for the tickets.

• Our customers can get their refund money by contacting us at our phone number or by sending us an e-mail about cancelation and refund of tickets.

Welcome to Flying Hawk; we are providing you the platform from where you can get cheap flights at your desired rates and affordable for your budget, to explore the beauty of the world.

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